The wine must be a reflection of something simple in itself, that binds us to earth as the strain it is to land. Perfection in its preparation is to make the art is so integrated into the wine that goes unnoticed and this happens when the hand of man gets camouflaged in the wine so that it appears that the grapes are not touched, respecting the natural cycles and placing value on the various effects of the weather on the vineyard and respecting them.

When you walk through the vineyard, in a second, you bring clothes caught on forever perfume of adventure. The scent of thyme, lavender, rosemary, odor open field, later, hunting and feathers. And how many of those scents we are in the wine after a spring and summer of coexistence with pines, lavenders, sage, thyme, rock roses and evergreens.

Jaras pungent in summer. The lavenders are inseparable motif scrubland, St. John’s wort, which fills the air with its rugged aroma. The lavender and sage, great virtues, strong and untamed fragrance that makes tasty dressing. The sage, in the past used to heat and Aromar furnaces, is another of the tender feelings of our field. Pedregal thyme and wasteland, deep scent, resinous and esenciado. Evergreens, grateful delight palates.

The end of summer is approaching, the shadows of the pines begin to be lengthened. It’s time to harvest.

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