bodega Mariano de Frutos always dreamt of producing his own wine. In 1996 he began his dream by planting 3.5ha of tempranillo vineyard in the old vineyard areas of his ancestors.
It was in 2004 when his dream came true with the birth of the family business “Bodegas de Frutos Marin” and the commercialization of his first wine harvest.
The 2007 harvest was the first one fully done in the new winery.
seleccionNowadays the winery is managed by Elisa de Frutos in the commercial area and Ruben Salamanca in the technical area, who make a perfect tandem to achieve control and fluidity of the wine production from the start to the finish. Both of them have a clear idea of their wine characteristics and the quality they wish to achieve, respect with the enviroment and the natural cycles, and look for the differentiation.

the vineyard

When Mariano proposed the recuperation of wineries in Cuellar, he became a pioneer in the recovery of winery activity in the area.

In the small areas of “El Canalizo” and “Montón de Piñas”, near the Virgen de El Henar Sanctuary, and surrounded by pinetrees are situated the 5.5 ha of our vineyards, 3km far from Cuellar.

We work in the wineyard acording to organic ideology but we are not certificated.

  • tempranillo variety: with a medium age of 30 years and yields of 3.500kg/ha aproximately, trellis formation double “cordon royat” with 3-4 stems on each branch.
  • syrah and muscat (of small grain) varieties with an average age of 6 years, trellis formation single “cordon royat” with 5 stems on the branch and yields of 2.000kg/ha.
  • Limestone soil with sandy areas, vegetation grown along the lines in summertime. Not worked on.
  • Specific microclimate: land with hard contrast between night and day in summer time. Situated at an altitude of around 900 metres – 3.100 feet.
  • grenache variety, with an age of 74 years, situated in a small town in the south of Segovia county. Yields of 2.000kg/ha vase formation, sandy soil.